Criminal and DUI

If you (or a loved one) are facing Criminal charges, don't let another day go by without having a hard-hitting criminal defense team on your side. At the Lawrence Legal Group, LLC, we treat our clients with respect and dignity and our team is prepared to relentlessly pursue the best outcome on their behalf. With constant communication and a meticulous examination of the evidence, you can rest easy knowing that your case is in excellent hands.

Our firm is able to assist clients with a wide range of charges.

If convicted, you will be subjected to a number of legal penalties and receive a mark on your permanent record. These penalties could include time in jail or prison, heavy fines, probation, suspension of driving privileges, mandatory counseling, and the loss of certain rights, such as the right to vote, possess a firearm, or hold certain professions. It is important that you have a team on your side that can aggressively protect your rights.

Being charged with a criminal offense can be extremely frightening, as it calls your integrity and reputation into question. Any sort of investigation against you can lead to unbearable levels of stress as you fear for your future. Depending on the crime, a conviction could range anywhere from community service to a lifetime behind bars and countless post-conviction restrictions and the loss of certain civil liberties. Regardless of your charges, it is important that you retain the services of an experienced and trustworthy legal team who can build a solid defense on your behalf.

Your case is in excellent hands with the team of professionals at the Lawrence Legal Group. We can offer invaluable insight into your case whenever possible and will stand by your side until your case is resolved.

Hard-Hitting Defense for a Wide Range of Criminal Charges

Immigration Consequences of Criminal Activity:

If you are a not a citizen who has pled guilty to a crime and you believe that you were not properly advised as to how the conviction will effect your immigration status, contact The Lawrence Legal Group, LLC, immediately to discuss your rights.

Hope is not lost! In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a precedential decision regarding the complex nature of the relationship between criminal convictions and immigration status. In Padilla v. Kentucky, the Court ruled that a noncitizen accused of a crime is entitled to accurate legal advice regarding the immigration consequences of his or her guilty plea. In the event a noncitizen defendant has not been adequately advised, the defendant may have grounds to vacate the guilty plea based on an ineffective assistance of counsel claim.

Did You Previously Enter A Guilty Plea Without Understanding How Your Immigration Status Can be Effected?
Are you in the United States as a permanent resident, visitor, or without legal status? Did you know that even a single criminal conviction can bar you from certain immigration benefits and even lead to your removal from the United States? We understand the complex relationship between criminal activity and its effects on immigration status. From crimes involving moral turpitude to drug possession, accepting a seemingly favorable plea to certain charges could result in an inability to adjust status, mandatory detention, and removal from the United States.